SOCOSCAN Multiplexed PA

Socoscan is the latest PAUT instrument from Socomate International for Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection. It provides high tech features to answer the most demanding requirements for complex inspections. Designed to be used in harsh environments, the Socoscan is perfect for automated inspection systems.

The real strength of this instrument is it's ability to combine high performances and affordable pricing.

This feature offers high advantages for tubes and bars inspection.



UT VIEW 2_5de14417515d2.png

UTView is the API's delivered with all Socomate International's products and which is compatible with both conventional UT and PAUT instruments. The software provides an A-Scan view and allows to set all UT parameters.

UTView Software is provided with the source codes for you to integrate your Company logo or customize it as you like!

For more information, please feel free to contact us to get a full presentation.


SIPAtools is a specific software, developed by Socomate International and delivered with all Phased Array instruments used to define and calculate delay laws for any applications.

The software offers several possibilities:

Design a probe
2D and 3D view of the probe
Define the UT beam according to the part to inspect


Customized Application Software


Thanks to our open platform product, take advantage of the most complete DLL to develop your own customized software in any languages available that work on Win7 and Win10 operating systems, 32 and 64 bits. 

The most standard languages such as C++, Visual Basic or LabView, benefit concrete example of coding with Socomate International DLL. The advantages of making its own application software is to perfectly meet your customers’ requirements instead of providing a standard and often complex software. Socomate’s DLL is compatible for both complete range of conventional UT and PAUT equipments, avoiding redundant work when involved in various applications. Having a common DLL for all products makes it more comfortable !