SOCO-8S-UT - Multiplexer

The SOCO-8S-UT comes from the latest development of Socomate International which brings a new wave in terms of conventional UT electronics. This UT board is the perfect solution for multiple channel application that requires low PRF since it provides 20 kHz and which is divided by the number of active channels.

The SOCO-8S-UT has also a complete new design which makes the integration process an easy job and everyone will enjoy to customize it its way. As the board is supplied on OEM basis, it offers the possibility to create the casing that fit with your requirements and expectations as if it was yours!

In order to ease the integration process, it only requires a 24V power supply and is connected through Ethernet to any computer to drive the UT board.

You will take advantage of an advanced API's as all our instruments come with an evolutive software, UTVIEW, which is use to manage all necessary UT parameters. Our complete Software Development Kit (SDK), through our software, allows you to meet your most state-of-the-art requirements to create custom inspection solutions.


Inputs & Outputs

All these input and output connectors are optional but simplify the way to integrate the SOCO-8S-UT within an application. They are directly compatible to an automate as you can install it on a rail DIN. The connection between the UT board and the terminal is made by a simple serial bus cable, allowing short and long distance between the 2 devices. 

Encoder/External trigger

UTVIEW Software

UTVIEW is the API's delivered with all Socomate International's products and which is compatible with both conventional UT and PAUT instruments. The software provides A-Scan view and allows to set all UT parameters.

UTVIEW Software is provided with the source codes for you to integrate your Company logo or customize it as you like!

For more information, please feel free to contact us to get a full presentation.

UTVIW Display

Customized Application Software


Thanks to our open platform product, take advantage of the most complete DLL to develop your own customized software in any languages available that work on Win7 and Win10 operating systems, 32 and 64 bits. 

The most standard languages such as C++, Visual Basic or LabView, benefit concrete example of coding with Socomate International DLL. The advantages of making its own application software is to perfectly meet your customers’ requirements instead of providing a standard and often complex software. Socomate’s DLL is compatible for both complete range of conventional UT and PAUT equipments, avoiding redundant work when involved in various applications. Having a common DLL for all products makes it more comfortable !