Socomate International is not only a standard supplier of UT electronic; we do care and are devoted to our worldwide customers. For that, the company has elaborated a global service system around their products, in order to assist our partners and customers in case of necessity; this remains a point which is very important for us, as a result of strengthening in human relationships between 2 companies, and for the benefit of all.

Thereafter, you will find a not exhaustive list of services that we are proud to propose:

  • Daily service by phone or email (Commercial, Technical, Support on DLL and API Software)
  • From our 38 years of experience in the field,Socomate provide UT and technical advises
  • High reactivity on supporting our customers, withfor example fast maintenance on site
  • International mobility
  • Support our partners’ network for local exhibitions on request.
  • Emergency help - Remote access to systems in order to help solving issues.
  • Able to perform feasibility study at Socomate. Then, if requested, it is also possible to come over to your facilities to perform trial tests on site.
  • Training on DLL, and/or API Software for: USPC – PCMUX – RCPP - FAAST Phased Array. The training can be done in our facilities, or on-site if requested.
Cooperation Business - Socomate International