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Socomate International is your OEM partner providing both conventional and phased array UT electronics for automated inspections systems. Based near Paris, Socomate has been providing Ultrasonic instrumentation to research, academic and Industrial users since 1977.

Since 2001 Socomate International supplies its state of the art worldwide patented FAAST technology in order to meet its partners’ most demanding requirements.

Doing business in more than 20 countries, the company’s strengths lie in its capacity to support its clients everywhere around the world.

Socomate greatest challenge was to develop a short range of products able to cover more than 90% of in-line ultrasonic applications, combine high performance state-of-the-art technology with a modular approach to system design easy to maintain, satisfy needs from single to multiple channel, and perform the more severe Standards and Approvals such as European, Rolls Royce, General Electric, Russian (GOST), Chinese, Nuclear......