USPC - Single UT channel

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The USPC7100 card in OEM basis is a high standard single channel pulser/receiver UT electronic gathering the best conditions, both in terms of performances and reliability. From several references, discover outstanding effectiveness and capacity in flaw detection and dimensional measurement.


USPC7100 is a single channel plug & play PCI card, coming with a CD installation software. 
Easy to integrate and set up, take advantage of performances complying with European, Russian, Chinese standards as well as GE and Rolls Roys approvals.

USPC7100 is used in many applications through out the NDT field. It combines excellent results in surface resolution, temporal linearity and amplitudes.
The ultrasonic signal is sampled through a 100 or 200 MHz digitizer allowing thus a higher measurement accuracy.
Benefit an A & C-Scan real time data acquisition via the DLL.

WT_Tube Phased Array FAAST
Main feature of USPC7100
Square wave pulser Square Wave Pulser <5ns fall time
20 KHz PRF
Excellent Near Surface Resolution
Receiver/amplifier 0.35 to 30 MHz Bandwidth
105 dB Dynamic Range
Amplifier linearity +/- 0.5dB
Low noise < 20% FSH (105dB/WB)
DAC DAC Slope +/- 40dB/μs
Evaluation TOF/WT Resolution better than 1μm
200MHz A/D Converter, 10-Bits
A-scan Display Display Vertical linearity +/- 1%