FAAST Phased Array

Socomate's Phased Array FAAST, is a Phased Array much more powerful than conventional one, as it is able to replace several units working in parallel. To learn about our patented technology, Socomate International invites you to read the "Phased Array FAAST" section in the menu.
This patented technology revolutionizes the NDT environment when speaking about UT inspection, especially where high productivity is required. 

The product is coming in a 3U rack, 19 inches, and is able to provide 32, 64, 96 and 128 channels full parallel. As any Phased Array, it can supplies configuration such:

  • - 1x32 ; 2x32 ; 3x32 ; 4x32 
  • - 1x64 ; 2x64
  • - 1x96
  • - 1x128
UT Phased Array
Phased Array PAUT

As it operates in full parallel, it can in addition deliver advanced acquisition mode that conventional Phased Array cannot supplies:

  • Multi-angle: Shot multiple beams in a plan or in space within 1 single shot, using 1D linear or 2D matrix multi-element probes
  • Multi-focus: Shot multiple focused beams in 1 single shot
  • Multibeam: Parallel firing all in once, and can also be combined with Multi-angle and Multi-focus
  • Multi-frequencies: FAAST-PA is able to shot at different frequencies, from the same multi-element probes, at the same time.
  • As we shot several beams for each capabilities, FAAST-PA technology is processing signals from all beams in real time

Even more features


The FAAST-PA provides real time data processing for A, B and C-Scan. 

In comparison to conventional Phased Array which are available on the market, the FAAST-PA is able to deliver A-scan representation, either for each delaw laws, or by delivering a Multi A-Scan display for each direction. (see picture)

16 A-Scans in 1 screen

How do I setup all delay laws ?

At first glance, it seems to be complicated to parameter all settings. Wrong !
It is as easy as with conventional Phased Array. Once all delay laws have been inserted, the only difference is that they are firing all simultenaously.

Additionnal Information

1. Companies that manufacture automated UT inspection system:

The FAAST-PA is an outstanding product for UT system, mainly automated but not only, as it can supply much more than available Phased Array on the market. As Socomate strategy is to supply engineering companies that manufacture automated system with our UT electronic, the product comes with a Software Development Kit (SDK), accompanied with a complete & friendly DLL, with concrete examples under LabVIEW, C++ and Visual Basic. Training and support are also available.
To increase performances of your UT inspection systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2. UT project for Industrial users (Revamping or equipping new inspection line):

  • Increase productivity: Due to its technology and capabilities, the FAAST-PA can deliver much more productivity than other Phased Array available on the market. As a R&D technology, Socomate would coach the project regarding UT to determine exactly the needs following your requirements. A great opportunity is when retrofitting the UT electronics in place, to increase the productivity without modifying all the mechanics.
  • Increase performances: As business doesn't stop going forward, you may require to inspect in more angles, but with the current installation a loss in productivity would appear. With FAAST-PA it is only a matter a Software settings, as you shot all beams in 1 single shot using the same Phased Array probe. Angles are one matter, but the FAAST-PA is also a good product to reduce the dead zone, which often cost a lot of money to Companies.

3. Added Services:

  • Feasability study: Not convinced ? A simple demonstration will change your mind. If a company wishes to perform testing on its product, Socomate performs feasability studies and demonstration with our Phased Array to prove the performances and present the results that we obtain on your samples. This can be done in Socomate's laboratories, or directly to the customers place or factory.

  • Training: The technology is as easy to use as standard Phased Array, the only difference is that all delay laws are firing simultenaously. However, the training can be done at customer place or directly in Socomate's offices.